Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 6 - Diabetes Snapshots

For a glimpse into our lives, I decided to tote my handy Kodak around with me for the day and wouldn't you know it... I ended up with a compilation of our 5 previous topics:

  • Today was a typical day (typical Saturday anyway)
  • I treated a low
  • We hung out with some supporters (Mom, sister, EMTs, Police Officers from a number of forces)
  • I chose to carb this morning with a bigger snack because I knew it was going to be a busy day
  • We were moving all right!  We were all over the place today.

Of course we started our day with a BG check.  He was running tight throughout the night but we didn't need to correct either way - just a lot of checks (I woke up in a panic at about 2AM believing I had heard my wife say he was 1.5 (27) - it was just a dream, thank God).
After breakfast (oatmeal and a glass of milk of course) we played a little Mariokart.  As much as I'd like to see him go through with his current career plan "I to be a doctor and kick diabetes' butt" he says (which brings a tear to my eye each and every time), I'd be ok with a NASCAR driver too - or both.
This morning he had a larger than normal snack (20g): a large banana and a cheese stick to see him through until lunch.  We did two checks between snack and lunch and things were in the green (9-10 / 162-180)
It was a beautiful day out today so we decided to head off to the park for a little play before running errands.  One of Jonathan's two favoured modes of transportation sans chauffeur is his backhoe power-wheels - Scoop from Bob the Builder.
I completely forget to take pictures of any other activity at the park, but the swings are BY FAR his #1 favourite.  He would let me push him on these for hours.  He met a nice young girl and they started to hit it off, but then she had to pee so her dad took her home.
We have been on a mission.  These special Jammers have only 2g of carbs.  They are the same convenient packaging as the normal type so no packing water bottles and portioned powder, just toss the drink bag in his lunch and he's good. - Getting harder to find every week.

Jonathan and I usually do something just the two of us on Saturdays around lunch time since mom and sister are at gymnastics.  Today we went to McDonald's for another favourite.  Lo and behold - 8.6 (155)... Nice!
Jonathan in McFry Nirvana
Playing a little Came Cube soccer in the Playplace.

Everyone's is probably a little different, but you can probably guess where this is ;)
Off to the mall for a little surprise for Jr.  It's "emergency week" and pretty much every force in town has made an appearance.  Jonathan's JDRF Bag of Hope is still a little too big for him and too small for me, so we take turns carrying it - it holds his necessities less the scale.

We started Jonathan's adventure on one of our city police motorcycles.  He is fascinated by pretty much any motorized vehicle of any sort, but bikes are one of his faves.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police cruiser - despite the belief held by some, south of the boarder, that Mounties only ride horses and work in snowy regions.

It's funny how the one row forward in a cruiser can be the difference between pride and disappointment.
Little big man looking tough in front of the not so little K9 unit truck.
With legs that short he won't be moving the dogs anytime soon.

This is the first, and I pray the last, time he is in the back of an ambulance.
I found it kind of funny and angering at the same time: every kid to venture into the ambulance was given a treat - rockets (basically miniature sweet-tarts).  On one hand they're trying to be nice to the kids and they don't know Jonathan's diabetic (and his bracelet is under his long sleeve), but on the other hand, you'd think they of all people would be aware of some of the conditions people have.  I decided to let it slide.
Well I knew we were having fun and excitement tends to drop his blood sugar, but he was so calm and reserved the whole time that I didn't really suspect.  It was just a fluke that I checked because I wasn't planning on a snack for about another half hour, but at 1:30 (2 hours after lunch)... yes that says 3.4 (61).  I guess I should have let him eat the rockets.
I've never used ice creme to treat a low before, let alone a cookie dough blizzard, but it worked.  This is a large blizzard, but I put a bigger dent in it than he did, and in 20 minutes he was 10.3 (185).  He should be good till dinner, but I'll check in about 90 minutes or so anyway.
See Jonathan.  See Jonathan with his cool new shades.  See Jonathan with his cool new shades popping out of the sunroof in my Magnum.  Well nothing else today is going to top cop cars, ice creme, and riding parade style, so I'll hit publish now and go play a little Mariokart with future Dr. Andretti.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Awwww, the RCMP and french on the McDonald's cup... just two of the things you won't see south o' the border!

    P.S. Rockets are called Smarties down here. Every time I hear someone talk about Smarties I get excited, until I realize they don't mean the yummy chocolaty goodness of REAL Smarties!

  2. They stopped selling kool aid jammers at both our grocery stores. :( It makes me so sad...they boys loved having those in their lunches!

  3. I hear ya on the Jammer 10's we LOVE them. We get ours at Zehers by our house :)

    BTW love the hair cut!! he is sooo cute

  4. Minute Maid and Capri Sun both make 2 carb drink pouches. Not sure if they have them up there yet though.

    When we have our local event called "Touch a Truck" the firemen give out red plastic fire hats and gold stickers that look like official badges.

  5. Loved the pictures! Too cute :)

  6. Looks like a great time was had. :)

  7. I loved feeling like I came along with you on your Saturday!!! Thanks for a great snapshot post - I had a lot of fun going on your adventures with you. (Too bad I couldn't have a bite of that Blizzard though - LOL)