Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 1 - A "Typical Day"

Typical is a relative term.  After almost 9 months we've formed a bit of a routine.  Although we do deviate from the routine from time to time, the basic elements remain fairly constant.

Let's start at the beginning (wake-up time that is).  I hate my alarm clock with a passion.  It serves only one purpose and that is to disrupt my peaceful slumber.  The kids do that too, but at least they hug and laugh and give me those warm fuzzies.  Not the alarm clock though, with it's cold blue indignant stare; but that is where it starts.  Immediately after the alarm clock comes "What is Jonathan's number?"

Part of the routine is to keep a fairly regular meal schedule.  Breakfast is usually at 7:00 but can sometimes be as late as 8:00 if it's not a school day.  Lunch at school is at 11:45 and generally noon otherwise with morning snack 2 hours before lunch.  Dinner is at 6:00 on week-days and between 5:00-6:00 on weekends; afternoon snack is about half way between lunch and dinner.  At each meal time we check BG and administer insulin with a fourth injection of long-lasting at 6:00pm.  We check BG at his bed time, four hours after dinner, and anywhere from 0-5+ times between that dinner +4 hour check and the start of the next day.  That's typical.

Typical is not extraordinarily difficult once you get in a routine and have some time under your belt.  That being said, Saturday was a little atypical.  Jonathan's Journey held a fundraiser car wash hosted by one of the local Ford dealerships.  Breakfast started out as usual, but after that it was a crap shoot.  The weather sucked so he spent a good chunk of the day running around inside the service write-up bay.  With two boxes of donuts in sight, he was keen to get his hands on some sugary goodness.  We had quite a few people there and they are all aware of what the deal is (heck, they were there because of him) so we all washed cars and collected money, paraded up and down the street holding signs and BBQ's hot-dogs while keeping one eye on him.

For snack I gave him 1/2 of a plain donut kinda figuring that the running would need a little booster and of course an hour before lunch I had to decide if I should snack him again, and I did.  Good lunch number - phew.  The rain continued to come and go and the money making prospects didn't look great, but it was even in the paper (see "car wash" link) so I couldn't very well just not be there.  My mom decided to take the kids to her place for the afternoon while we carried on.

They played outside between showers and of course he we low at snack time.  A couple of cookies and all was well again.  Since it was mothers-day this past Sunday, she decided to just get together for dinner on the Saturday and we ordered pizza (yummy, cheesy, evil pizza).  Of course he was a wacky after that and we chased numbers for a while, but we've seen worse.

At bed-time, I was a wreck.  Senior Manuel Labor and I do not usually get along well.  I was shamefully gleeful when his dinner +4hr check was 0.1mmol/L under the correction threshold.  Then my guilt git the better of me and I gave him 1/2 a unit.  I knew this would only make a marginal improvement and I usually double that despite the original plan we left the hospital with, but I wasn't sure if even my hated alarm clock would wake me up at 2:30am to go check him.  I hit snooze until 3:00, but I managed to get a check in.

Of course this all coincided with the end of an almost two-week run of awesome numbers and the last two days have been spend on the glucoaster again, but the ping-pong ball is heading closer and closer to the middle of the table and hopefully things will settle out again soon.

I'd say that Saturday was a typical deviation from "normal".  There are exceptional and really hard days, but as far as "typical", that's kinda the norm on a D-focused day.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the bad weather at your car wash, that's a bummer!

    Thanks for sharing your day with us :)