Thursday, May 20, 2010

Count me in!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, here I go again… Let the kid be a kid!

Sometimes it really is the simple things in life that make the difference, like participating in group craft/snack at Latchkey. The theme this week has been "Camping". Their stories, activities, and crafts have centered on camping related concepts. Today? S'mores.

I actually just found out that today's activity/snack combo is yummy gooey s'mores. I found out because a lady from the Latchkey program called me to see if we could work out a way for Jonathan to participate. Have I ever mentioned that I really love my team?

So, over the phone she read off nutritional labels to me: graham crackers (2) = 8g carb/4g fiber = 4gNet, marshmallow (1 large) = 24g carb/0g fiber = 24gNet, and chocolate chips (1 tsp.) = 10g carb/>1g fiber = ~10gNet. Ok, 38g, 38 is not going to work, that is at least 20g more than his typical snack, but well make this work… Two graham crackers, a half a marshmallow, and 4-5 chocolate chips? ~18-19ish. It's warm outside and they will be playing for the afternoon… 18ish is good. Sweet, he's in!

I'm so glad that they not only care enough to work with us to learn about him and Diabetes and are willing to check him whenever we need, but they would also go the extra mile to make sure that he is never excluded because he needs some extra consideration. I cautioned her that with it being significantly warmer than we expected (low to mid 80's) this afternoon and mom having dressed him in jeans and a long-sleeve T, his blood sugar might want to dip and they should feel free to test him.

I guess in hindsight I could have just waited and seen if sun and s'more would cancel each other out, but it seemed like a good compromise and was quickly dealt with, and it's little wins like this that help get me through the days.


  1. I am with you on this one, I don't ever want either of my daughters to feel excluded from all of the fun activities that are a part of being a kid in todays world simply because they have type 1 diabetes.

    Let them have the s'mores, make it work with them...not against them.

    Yeah for some s'mores and an awesome "team"!!!

  2. Let the kid eat! Hooray for great people who understand. Missing a special snack is HUGE for a little guy. I'm sooo with you!

  3. Now I'm craving a (gluten free) S'More!