Thursday, September 30, 2010

Joined another club

   Without using a stainless steel cannula it was presumed inevitable.  No time was wasted in getting to it.

   We've been chasing highs for the last 36 hours (high teens - low 20s, 320-414).  Yesterday Jonathan seemed to have a slight fever (warmer than usual forehead) at lunch but was otherwise himself and wanted to stay at school, but when he got home his temperature was normal, as well as this morning.  The working theory yesterday was a bug.  Bobbie is still fighting something off and I just got rid of a sore throat and cough myself.

   This morning I got a call from Latchkey - BG: 28 (504).  He was completely non-symptomatic and very much himself.  I had them bolus and still give him his snack and headed over to get him.

   His next set change was supposed to be tomorrow evening.  Since there was no fever today and his numbers were still high we decided it could be a site issue.... Sure enough...

   A new set is in and he's going to test hourly for the rest of the day.  The remarkable thing is he was almost completely asymptomatic.  I now have another mindset change from MDI and another lesson learned.


  1. Boy you are getting all the "curve balls" at once aren't you? Hang in there. You guys are doing a great job.

  2. Might as well get all this jazz out of the you can put it behind you and get to better days ahead!

    I've felt that pumping simply replaces old challenges with new ones.

    It's never cut and dry.

    Blasted disease.

  3. there is nothing more frustrating than correcting and still have numbers going up. then by process of elimination you change the infusion set and notice the state of the cannula. crap !

    hopefully that'll be the end of it for a while now...